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We have been reaching out to children and young people since 2002 when we first established as an independent charity. Our services over the years have expanded phenomenally to include families children and young people aged 0-19 years. 

  • History-time line (not complete)


2002 funded by Connexions we provided positive activities in partnership with the Met police to provide positive opportunities for young people aged 13-19 years from all backgrounds to reduce poverty and develop inclusive settings.  Our aim was to inspire young people to reach their full potential and by delivering a holistic programme we have seen many of our young people continue with higher education and attend  University, have fantastic careers, become entrepreneurs, volunteer in their community.


2004 Children’s fund, a consortium of 10 organisations led by ECYPS secured £150,000 to deliver a wide range of activities for children and families.

2007 ECYPS moved into THE ARK


2007 Launched Chips –community help point scheme.  Instigated by ECYPS to support young people to travel across Enfield safely.  In partnership with Disabled Children’s Services, Met police and local businesses we had our first breakfast meeting at the Royal Chace Hotel.  Many businesses signed up to support young people and Chips points were springing up across Enfield.  Due to funding cuts we continued on a shoestring but now with LBE backing we re-launched just before the pandemic.


2008 ECYPS started delivering SFSC parenting programme.  ECYPS had the opportunity to train up 2 practitioners to deliver the 13 week parenting programme in partnership with Family support LBE. Over the years we have delivered in many schools across Enfield and troubled estates where there has been considerable impact on the community.


2013 Mental well being-building resilience was ECYPS’s key outcome for children and young people.  Moving forward our remit changed and we explored how we can enable young people to develop coping strategies, deal with feelings, manage their stress and understand the positive impact of focusing and being positively active.  We worked with local schools to deliver our very first MIND KIND event in 2017 held at Millfield theatre.  Around 200 children attended. We had a day packed with various activities for children to participate on including physical activities, mindfulness, creative writing, creative art.

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