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supporting parents to achieve a better future

ECYPS facilitates a range of parenting programmes to support parents enhance and develop parent/child relationship, promote children's social skills, confidence and self esteem.  We are currently offerig a 4 week online Introduction to Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities programme programme.  Please register your interest with



Creating safe havens for children in Enfield

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There is a network of Community Help Points (CHiPS) in Enfield, providing safe havens for anyone in need of support. STAFF AT HELP POINTS CAN: Make a phone call to get help for you. Allow you to stay in the premises until help arrives or until a risk has passed. Call the police if you are the victim of crime. Call a member of your family or a care team if you need more help. There are around 200 help points in Enfield and these can be recognised by the blue ‘H’ logo. Please let your friends and family know about the scheme. You can find CHiPS locations along your journey by visiting


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Camp Fire at Night


Flexible education programme that rewards ssuccess.  A pathway to achieve vocational qualifications.

We are a registered centre offering unit award schemes to community organisations, schools and local authority department.

The scheme makes it an ideal vehicle for raising:

self esteem

improving motivation

supporting lifelong and personalised learning

promoting inclusion


Eat Healthy, Stay Mindful, Keep Active

During the current National Lockdown children, young people and families will be facing many challenges and disruptions which will mean dealing with increasing pressures on daily lives effecting mental wellbeing . 

Parents are resorting to homeschooling, dealing with challenging behaviour, maintaining routines,  The impact on parents facing isolation, loss of employment, struggling to make ends meet is a huge concern for the community.

Children and young people are resilient, however constant pressure and not being able to spend time with friends may lead to stress and anxiety. 

ECYPS will continue to provide online activities during lockdown to promote positive wellbeing.

We have counselling sessions available for parents and children please contact

Happy Boy


Inclusive setting for children to explore and play

ECYPS' soft play is for children aged 0-7 years old.  Children with their parents can learn through play and develop social, physical and emotional skills.  Amazing sensory equipment to improve communication, co-ordination and balance.

A centre which provides Exciting Experiences, Enjoyment and is for Everyone.

Opening hours:

Tuesday                 10am-12.30pm

Wednesday          10am-12.30pm

Due to Covid19 numbers will be restricted.  Maintain social distancing and please wear masks when you enter the building.

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1, The Ark, 500 Montagu Rd, London N9 0UR

020 8373 2711

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