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Breaking news-England in third lockdown

ECYPS is an umbrella organisation co-ordinating and strenghtening children and young persons' services.  We provide advice and support to voluntary and community organisations working with children and young people aged 0-25 years.

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Upcoming training and events-ECYPS delivers a range of training to upskill individuals working with children and young people

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Building a Better Future-All young people deserve the best start in life, to be valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.  At ECYPS we offer recreation and leisure activities to encourage leadership, team building, social and emotional development, improving well-being of children and young people.  

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Drop in Service every Thursday at the ARK from 10am-3.00pm

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'A healthy outside starts from the inside'-Rober Urich

During the second lockdown we believe providing strategies to cope during this difficult and challenging time is the only way to improve mind, body and soul.



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ECYPS has been awarded funding from various funders including The National Lottery, Trust for London and Community Fund. Thanks to all our funders for supporting us through Covid. For more information click here.

Barnardo's 'See, Hear, Respond' programme

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Barnardo’s, in partnership with The Department for Education (DfE), will be delivering a new and innovative programme across England that co-ordinates a dynamic sector response (DfE press release) . Click for more info...

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Meet Our Team

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Latest funding news-

London Community Response-large and small grants launching on 14th January 2021. Register for news and updates.

Foyle Foundation-small grants to support grassroots and local charities during the Covid-19 crisis, up to £10,000

ALL CHURCHES TRUST-funding available to churches, up to £50,000 available for capital and some revenue costs...more

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Whats happing in your area!

If you would like to share information about any events related to children, young people and their families please contact:


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020 8373 2711

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